• Classic Design® Designer Beach Tote & Multi Purpose Bag - Party Time/White


    Classic Design® Designer Beach Tote & Multi Purpose Bag

    Pattern: Party Time/White

    Color: Mult. Colors

    Liner: Lime Green

    This Bag is another of one of our Original bags.


    Over all size: 17" X 14" X 7"

    Each Bag has a 24" Double Shoulder Strap.

    Outside material is Robert Allen Outdoor Fabric.

    Inside Liner is fully water proof.

    We have designed this bag with the following features:


    Large Lined Zippered Pocket

    Cell Phone Pocket

    2 Large Open Pockets

    Hook for Keys


    At each end of bag you have a 7" deep lined pockets.

    Every bag comes with a matching 12" X 12" water proof lined draw string closure bag to hold your wet items.

    To keep the bottom clean, each bag has is lined with the water proof fabric and 4 gold feet.

    Each bag has a Magnetic strap closure.

    Having the water proof liner, makes for a great bag to use as a diaper bag or even carry your small dog around.